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From published articles to glorified social media rants, they're really just a sample of how an artist might view things outside the art world.

How 19th Century painting tought me to not fear artificial intelligence

Everyone's afraid it will end us. I think it will just end us acting like machines.


Is Polyamory Queer?

Read this article and see if you can tell the difference



The Mayan Prophecy

My theory that the Mayan prophecy actually came true on Dec 21 2012 but no one noticed because we were interpreting it as the end of the world.

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What haunted houses taught me about modern news reporting

I spent most Octobers in my teens and 20's working in major theme park haunted houses. I developed a trick that feels very familiar to the fear mongering that I see in the media today.

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Having the feels about statue vandalism

June 2020. A historic angle on why I think vandalizing statues is apropriate, but leaving them standing defaced might also be historically useful.

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For Bible readers dealing with 2020

2020 is playing all the apocolyptic greatest hits (Fire, Locusts, War, Disease, Drout, Famine, Evil Kings). But are these the originals or are they cover songs?

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