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"Pet portraits are my new favorite project. They're surprisingly challenging and rewarding as an illustration task. Unlike many of my pieces, they are not a face recognized by the general public. They are a face recognized only by the individual who commissions the art. But to that person, the subject is regarded as a hero. I love hearing people gush about their pet when describing what they want. And as a long time pet lover, it's easy for me to see the loving (or sometimes mischievous) smirk that makes each mug unique. I don't think I'll get sick of these any time soon."


- Dave Russo


1) Hit me via
Please use email. Social media and texting is too hard to keep orders strait. 


You send a few pics.
3-5 is good. Less than 20. This is also a good time to tell me if there's something particular about this pet "he loves the beach!" or "always has a tennis ball" etc. Very important to say things like "That collar is important" or "ignore the growth on her eye, it was temporary" etc.


2) I'll give you a quote and a turn around time. If you want to proceed, a payment can be made via Paypal (be sure your shipping address attached to your paypal is accurate or put the proper address in the notes).


3) I'll send you a scan of the finished product. If nothing is horribly wrong, like "my dog is brown, not... a cat." then I'll ship it in a tube and will tell you the size so you can shop for a frame while it's in transit. I can also send you links to frames that I know will fit. You will need to sign for the package because insurance does not cover porch pirates.

4) OPTIONAL: You can feel free to use the scan to post on your social media with a tag to my FB or INSTA. (You don't have to, but it's how I advertise. So you would win massive karma points which can be traded in for dog biscuits.)



TURN AROUND TIME: I can do them in a day, but there are usually a week of orders already in the cue (from Oct-xmas). Your portrait will be put in line as soon as photos and payment are received.

PRICE: $150-$300. I know that's pretty vague. Those are extremes and the majority are around $250. Price is determined by several factors such as time frame and the photos I'll be working with. The color of the pet often dictates how long it will take as well. The only way to get an accurate quote is to simply email a few of your favorite pics and I'll respond personally. Price includes 3-5 day USPS unless you need it faster or are outside the US. All shipments need to be signed for.

(note: Prices change over time based on my availability among other things. Please do not feel cheated if you're quoted much more than your friend's order. On that note, if you catch me while prices are low, you should jump on it before it goes back up)

STYLE: By default, the face and some of the body will be floating in whiteness. I might make creative decisions about body visibility, position, background. This is in order to create the most interesting and beautiful depiction that I think I can. Special requests about specific photos, angles, backgrounds, etc might adjust the price because going against my instincts generally takes longer. Some photos make great photos but won't translate as well to markers. Some photos that don't seem as good on screen are sometimes much better models for this style.

SIZE: Usually 9x12" paper (image fits inside 8x10 mat opening). Sometimes 11x14. I make that decision based on the pet. My markers are always the same width and so depending on the animal's fur or patterns, I might want to scale in or out to capture it.

MULTI PETS: Price is per pet. It is not easier to put multiple pets in the same drawing. It actually takes longer and so unfortunately there is no discount for that. But, as with anything, I can give deals for multiple orders. So yes, there is a discount but it's because you're making multiple orders, not because I'm saving paper. Same discount if you were ordering two separate drawings on different papers.

SNAKES? HEDGEHOGS? HORSES? BIRDS?: Yes to anything. I would love to. Feel free to send me your house or Harley or whatever.


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