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Illustrations of Bob Dylan songs

Highway 61 Revisited

ORIGINAL: Available

PRINTS: 11x14" Limited to 50

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Points to consider.​..

1. Historic Highway 61 connects Memphis and Chicago, often referred to as the "Blues Highway". This is important for the history of American music, hence the blues aesthetic of the song. But the North and South are potentially being referenced metaphorically in this song.

2. The historic crossroads where Robert Johnson sold his soul to the devil was on highway 61. This is American folklore if not modern mythology. The concept of divine intervention with questionable intentions becomes important in this piece. In fact, many of the verses portray someone getting advice or instructions from a higher power, divine or governing.


4. Many of the verses seem to be about the military industrial complex, which was born in the Civil War, or some might say the Civil War was born in the military industrial complex.

5. Verse 1 starts with "God said, Abraham, kill me a son" which is an obvious bible story. But it would be unlike Bob to only be referencing one thing at a time. 

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