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A deck of cards to accompany a chess board.


By introducing the element of chance and luck, it not only ruins the essence of chess but also allows a complete beginner to have a challenging and entertaining game against a seasoned pro.


60 cards in total

56 regular cards

4 "check cards"

This was one of those half baked ideas developed during the weird boredom of 2020. The absurdity and chaos of the game makes the news seem slightly more natural. 

When you find yourself sitting in front of a 3 hour game where both of your bishops are on the same color squares, three of your own pawns are somehow in your back row, and two pieces are residing in the same square, you're doin' it right. Post a picture of the malarky and tag it #CalvinChess 



At the beginning of each turn, a card is drawn. This card alters the rules for just 1 turn.


It might change the ability of a particular piece, return a zombie piece to the board, alter the orientation of the board, or relocate pieces. Each card has a 50/50 chance of either making you laugh or ruining your life.

Many cards reference pop culture and history in ways that you may or may not catch. It's not important, just something to google while you're waiting for your opponent's move.


At the beginning of the game, 2 Check Cards are given to each player. These cards can be used when the player is in check. They're heavy hitting cards that are almost guaranteed to get you out of check. 

Check Cards can only be used once each and then are discarded for the remainder of the game.

Calvin Chess comes in a box with  instructions and rules. Though, to be honest, it's chaos. Arguing over rule interpretation is half the fun.

You can buy yours here

(chess board not included)

Did you lose the rules and instructions that came with it? I blame the dog. You can use ours.


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