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Lot Artifacts

Not for sale

Artist Statement:

"This is more of an origin story than an exhibit.


Starting in the mid 90's, it was common for me to attend a festival or lot scene with my markers and paper in tote. I would draw caricatures of people in exchange for food, tickets, cash, souvenirs, etc. Being before digital cameras and social media, the majority of these drawings were never documented for me to look back on.

Because of the portability of the markers, they became my medium of choice. To this day, I'm still using the style that was developed while standing on top of a bus drawing a group of strangers in exchange for solar powered smoothies.

Starting in 2006, I was attending these same events as a performer on the bill and no longer had time or need for selling cartoons on lot.

In 2018, I returned to the markers. It came to my attention that many of these fans had kept their hand drawn souvenirs for over 20 years. Following a shout on the internet, they'd responded by sending me photos and scans, forming this exhibit.

The subjects, who are now teachers, professionals, and even office holders, have been promised privacy. None will be named or tagged. If you have a picture that looks like a scribble from lot, please email it to me."

- Dave Russo

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