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New Release


Droid Selfie

Marker on paper


Original: 11x15" SOLD

Limited Prints: 8x10 or 11x14"  still available

Purchase here


I was asked to illustrate the evolution of AI.

Topically, this is C3PO taking a selfie with the Tin Man. First glance represents a new/futuristic AI enthusiastically meeting his O.G. inspiration. A closer detailed look shows that his phone has an R2-esque case and the Tin Man's axe has an Apple logo. The axe and smartphone represent a history of technology reaching far earlier and later than the two humanoid figures. There are 4 machines in the picture, progressing from left to right and progressing through various stages of complexity. Arguably, there is an invisible 5th.

An apple on an axe also suggests a reference to Adam and Eve's "original sin" wherein intelligence was first granted to humans. At that point, God stepped back and let humans take responsibility for their fate instead of coddle them in the Garden of Eden. Assuming the continuing evolution of AI, humans can not unring the bell of granting intelligence to machines.

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